Constitutional Matters

The Constitution guarantees all citizens their fundamental rights as well as protects them from any unreasonable, arbitrary, or unjust actions resulting from the laws or directions of executives or legislatures. Accordingly, legal redressals are routinely sought by citizens before the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India against infringement of their rights. Legal actions under the Constitution are generally technical in nature and to a large extent depend upon judicial precedents.

At Chambers of Eshna Kumar, we formulate legal arguments by adapting to the developing and advancing constitutional and policy amendments. We develop novel and complex legal theories by analysing the regulations, allowing us to anticipate any legal challenges that may arise during litigation. Further, such legal theories enable our lawyers to develop innovative solutions to avoid any needless litigation to our clients. We also indulge in the analysis of the business implications of legislative changes and offer adequate plans and strategies to mitigate them.

The services we render, inter alia, include:

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